Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Card Patterns # 64

What a wonderful straight forward design at Card Patterns and I love all the cards based on this fabulous design. Since I'm tired, I can't seem to find the Mr Linky box or anything on Card Patterns, but I still wanted to post this card.
A story behind the design.. I had colored all the hats and the woman's face. She's supposed to have a longer neck than she presently has... because she has NONE!... After I had finished coloring, I noticed I must have laid this lady down and something got on her neck... oil? well... it looked pretty bad, but wanted to save this, so I cut off the spot and then discovered she also is rather chinless. That's when I decided to make hats fit the bill as a cover-up on my mistake. I actually like this - from afar, it looks like a stole around her neck. I cut some ribbon and laid on the far left hat.
I had seen this border punch used before, but I had to get one and I was able to use it today. YAY. You'll have to check out the design and try it yourself!

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