Friday, September 26, 2008

Post-it note gift

Post-it note gift
Post-it note gift,
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Hero Arts contest and I wanted to make a gift, but what, something that's not going to be costly and yet has the potential for being a decent gift or something I could use if it wasn't gift-worthy, so to speak. Where else? Yes, the Dollar Tree.

Round and round I went.... ok, a journal... something that's not got a lot on it so I can hopefully do SOMETHING with it. And, mmm, ok, a little box with flower (before picture) that looks like post-it notes can fit inside... well, I guess I wouldn't exactly whoop it up over a gift of post-it notes... but oh well, I'm tired, I've passed this aisle how many times? ok, not 100s, but... enough is enough. TWO things.... I'm taking them home.

I either already posted the journal or will post it after this. On with the little box. I've included another link for a picture of the other side. I'm going to recap what's on the description of the project --- I painted the box in two light colored yellows so it looks a little antiqued - hard to see here. I painted the pink flower yellow and the circle white. I found flowers in just the right yellow and added white on top with a yellow brad. Had to pop dot around the wood circle as the insert is too far back. I stamped flowers and butterflies on the outside of the box and put gems in some of the flowers and each butterfly on the box has 4 small gems - each butterfly has a different color. I stamped the post-it notes (yes, each page) at the bottom with the two flowers from the box. Because this is a close fit for the post-it notes, I put sheer yellow ribbon, knotted it on both ends and will tie it once I put that last post-it note pack in. Once they start using the notes, it they want to take an entire pad out, they can use the ribbon to lift up the pads. My daughter-in-law fell in love with this. It has a fresh, clean feel to it. (I like it too, hate parting with the little thing - it's already destined to go in a basket for one of my best friends).
Hope you liked the make-over - oooh, do they have those make-over shows on TV still? Sorry - just haven't watched TV litterly in years - well to watch a TV channel... got a DVD. I was so happy this morning when I put the finishing touches on this. I really love the way it turned out.

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