Friday, September 19, 2008

Another great stamp store in Sacramento

For a long time, I've been trying to find The Stamp Art Shoppe's web site to check for events and classes as I love to browse, buy, and learn new techniques at her shop. I always got a message that I hadn't updated a program. I was confused, because that should not be an issue. Finally, I was checking Tim Holtz's site and his calendar link took me right to The Stamp Art Shoppe. The search engine I had first used did not have the correct address.

Now I can check for upcoming events online YAY! This lovely enlarged shop invites you in to enjoy the art of stamping, not just a crafty thing to do. They are in the same shopping center, but in the corner. Great place to wonder around, get ideas and learn a bit more than when you came in.

Sandy, the proprietor, is a creative person who has a style that is sophisticated and simple. I like the sharpness of detail that goes into each of her creations.

I entered the penguin contest Sandy put on at her shop. I fell in love with the entry of a peguin on the beach under the umbrella - so did not win, but I was happy with both my submissions. They will be great little gifts for those who delight in the unusual. Loved doing them. That little "Memory Box" penguin was sooooo cute. My creation

Penguin with umbrella on green polka dot

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