Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Similarities in Speech Crafting and Paper Crafting - Really?


  My avocation is not only in the field of card-making, but also in speech crafting.  I attend a Toastmaster meeting every Thursday and I ENJOY IT, almost as much as paper crafting.

Communication and creating are both integral in the crafting of a paper project or a speech.  You wouldn't think there would be so many similarities in both hobbies.

Speech Crafting                                                        Paper crafting
Research background
Research products
Build layers into a speech
Build layers on a card/mixed-media project
Develop story lines
Develop techniques
Keeping up on current news
Keeping up on current materials in use
Connecting with your audience
Connecting with other crafters
Inspire others
Inspire others
Enjoy what you do and share your expertise
Enjoy what you do and share your expertise

Here I am, ready to leave for a Toastmaster's meeting.I'm ready for anything.

Arlene, the Toastmaster
My photo

And here is a fresh creation with both a new die-cut and image.

Arlene's creation

I love both hobbies and my Toastmaster group.  There's nothing like having fun in whatever you do.


Cindy C. said...

Way to go Arlene!!

Greta said...

So neat to have 2 interests that give you a lot of joy! Your card is beautiful, Arlene!