Saturday, July 1, 2017

A2Z Anything Goes Challenge for July 2017

How can you bean an "Anything Goes" challenge.

Her's my Anything Goes card.  This is my all around favorite stamp set for the summer.  I happen to love ships and this schooner is fantastic.

A schooner is a sailing ship with two or more masts, typically with the foremast smaller than the mainmast, and having gaff-rigged lower masts.  

Gaff rig is a sailing rig (configuration of sails, mast and stays) in which the sail is four-cornered, fore-and-aft rigged, controlled at its peak and, usually, its entire head by a spar (pole) called the gaff. Because of the size and shape of the sail, a gaff rig will have running backstays rather than permanent backstays.

The gaff enables a fore and aft sail to be four sided, rather than triangular.

 Not that I know for sure that this ship has running backstays 
or what that means.

Close-up of ship and sentiment

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Very nice card and image thanks for sharing!!!