Monday, January 5, 2015

A Bit of a Tutorial

When you think of lighthouses, you think of beaches, seashells, crabs, rain, but there are all kinds of environments on which sit lighthouses.

My lighthouse sits on a bit of a sandy green hill with a few drops of rain starting to come into shore.  I have got to say that I LOVE lighthouses and all along the coast of California stretch some marvelous lighthouses.  I painted mine the way I wanted it to look like, somewhat sea colored.  Hope you like it.
Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel-Off stickers (Lighthouses)
Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double-sided adhesive (6: X 6")
Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel-Off stickers (Seashells)
Elizabeth Craft Designs Dies (Agatha Edges - shape of hill)
Elizabeth Craft Designs Peel-Off stickers (Rainy Day - the raindrops)
Elizabeth Craft Designs embossing folder (Spring Leaves)
Warm Diamond Silk Microfine Glitter
Copic Markers colored on top of the glitter

I'hope you can follow my step-by-step photos, but I will supply a link to a YouTube video by Els.   I think Els does a fantastic job of showing you how to use the double-sided adhesive, peel-offs and glitter here.

I only used the raindrops on the outside of this card, but I had already cut and colored the marvelous lighthouse, shell and crab.  I wanted to show you how easy this is to do.
I cut the Elizabeth Craft Designs Transparent Double-sided adhesive (6: X 6") down to a size I wanted to handle (below).  See how you can peel the adhesive easily.

 Choose the Peel Off you want to work with

1.  Peel off the sticky side and put out of the way so you don't get anything stuck to it.  The sticky white strip below is just to show you the two pieces taken apart.  I wouldn't leave it there at all.
2.  Pick up the outline of the piece(s) you want to use and place them on the non-stick side as seen below. You can use your fingers or a tweezer to pick them up.  It is easier to move the peel offs with a tweezer once on your non-stick sheet.  As you can see, the white spots in the black peel off sheet are where I picked up the outlines. 

3. Place the sticky sheet onto the non-stick sheet which is on the table.  Run your fingers over the top so everything is smooth and all transferred.  I couldn't hold my camera and put the sticky sheet on the non-stick sheet with the peel offs, so I'm showing you what it looks like after you have done that.
4.  Peel off the sticky sheet.

5. Hold the sticky sheet by the sides so your hand and fingers do not touch the sticky side.  I just turn the container onto the sticky side and let it run down half the sheet onto a coffee filter.
6.  Now you can clasp the other side which is glittered and pour the glitter onto the rest of the sticky surface.  See below.
7.  Tap any remaining glitter onto the filter which is easy to fold and pour back into the container.

8.  Burnish glittered panel with your finger..  (Rub the glitter into the adhesive, but not with a heavy hand).

9.  Take a brush and brush any glitter that may cling (which is not much) off onto the filter.

 10.  Cut the peel offs and use as is or color.  I used Copic markers, but any alcohol marker will do.  I used the angled tip, not the brush tip to paint.   These are all cut from the strip I used above.  The glitter really lasts a long time.

 I think Elizabeth does a fantastic job of showing you how to use the double-sided adhesive, peel-offs and glitter here.


Cindy C. said...

Very cute lighthouse Arlene!! Thanks for the photo tutorial!

Pajalu said...

Hi Arlene,
What a gorgeous card. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas & New Year. I can't wait to see what you create this year.

Donna Ellis said...

great tutorial, Arlene! Thank you very much! Your lighthouse card is beautiful, and so sparkly! hugs, de

Pia S said...

I love this tutorial, I've got so many pearl off stickers in,y stash and you've provided me with new inspiration on how to use them. Thanks!!!

Donna Ellis said...

Arlene, thank you for visiting my blog today. Your kind comments mean so much! Thank you! hugs, de