Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Dreamweaver - WOW

WOW, do I have a lot to learn!  When I attended the Stamp Convention this year in March, I purchased some Dreamweaver paste, spreader (well, I'm not sure of the real name for this tool), a die, some metallic fixes and did nothing with them... SHAME ON ME! 

I have now opened my paste and bought a black and a white paste.  I can tell you there was so much to learn in my two classes on Saturday, June 1.  I will hopefully be able to show you bit by bit what I accomplished and what I didn't - well, I could show you how messy I was, but I'll wait for a later post than this.  Our teacher was none other than Lynell Harlow at Dreamweaver Stencils.

This delightful apron is available in a thin metal stencil and also in a die.  We didn't just cut this apron.  Do you see the all red panel on the apron.  That is the paste layer. We layered our die-cut pieces onto a layer of pre-pasted and dried paste?  The question mark means I don't know what to call the dried red panel.  (This red was made of equal parts red and white pastes)  The sentiment "Recipe" was done by me (YAY TEAM) with a stencil in my take-home packet. (oh, I need a trowel)... I won't show you how this was done until I have it down and can use a trowel - garden trowel will NOT do).  I do really like this.

NEXT:  The class was named Stentangle - zentangles contained within a stencil.  This is my first effort - I left the class with two panels completed.  Lynell taught us how to do some flowers and other drawings that I couldn't remember the names for.  I thought, you mean these things have names?   I had no idea there were instructors who were certified to teach zentangle. This was a fun experience and I think I will probably do more.  I think I'd like to add color as I'm not much of a black and white gal.  

I completed the middle panel at home.  It's an organic part of the piece. Really, ORGANIC!  Rain is falling from above and there's some strange looking suns at the bottom and flowers in the middle there.... yeah, I'm not sure I recognize them either.  But I'm ok with my first zentangle experience.  
 They have so  many marvelous stencils and are adding new dies in July.  You'll be absolutely amazed at the extent of their inventory.  I hope you go visit.


Dawn T said...

looks like your weekend was fun filled Arlene. Great work.

Cindy C. said...

The apron card is so cute, and the zentangles cards are wonderful!