Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thank you Jennifer - No More Torn Sleeves!

I have been looking for a good storage system for my clear and cling stamps.   Everyone knows Jennifer McGuire is always on top of things and wondered what exact storage she was using.  Getting a peek at the handy dandy storage drawers and tidy, neat way she keeps her stamps was like finding the proverbial "gold mine."   See Jennifer's post on April 4, 2013 here.

I traipsed over to my local Office Depot with a printout of the exact CD Sleeves she used.  I knew if it worked for Jennifer McGuire, it would definitely work for little ol' me.  Her containers are perfect for storage, however, I didn't think I wanted to pay $23 for the container to hold the CD sleeves, so I went to check on Office Depot containers.  EUREKA!

I think my Really Useful Box will work out better for me than the one Jennifer has because I can literally pick up my stamps and go. I also have fewer stamps than Jennifer McGuire.  I could not find the 11 liter box online at Office Depot, so have linked you to the company that makes it in the U.K.   I think any container  12 inches (30.48 cm) interior width will work to hold the CD sleeves.  The sleeves are just barely over 11 inches (27.94 cm) wide and about 7 1/4 inches (18.415 cm) tall.  Those conversions should be right.

Here's what my container and repackaged stamps look like now:

Repackaged clear stamps in CD binder page

Repackaged Cling stamps in CD binder page 

Labeling System: Brand name on top and Name of stamp with Stamp # on bottom

As you can see, the container is less than full for now!

Here's what I like about this container - I can take my stamps with me!

The container is a Really Useful Box - REALLY!

I just stood the container upright to take to my friend's to stamp.

Visit Jennifer McGuire to see her wonderful storage room and stamp filing system.


Mari√ętte said...

Very clever Arlene!
I have some very tiny boxes from this brand and store the foam pads for the Tim Holtz blending tool in it.

Dawn T said...

Great storage idea Arlene.

Cindy C. said...

Great idea!! Going to check Jennifer's blog now, thx.