Saturday, May 9, 2009

52 Questions - a year of mini art journaling

I found an intriguing ATC on llaurenb's photostream and saw something about 62 Q... what was that? llaurenb is so sweet and took the time to explain what 52 Questions was all about and that she is recording her mini art journaling on ATCs. I'd not seen anything displayed on the back of ATCs other than information about the card itself. The back was much more personal... You can see I was falling into the "Well, I'll just see what it's about...." trap She sent me two links, one to Ember's and the other to a flickr group at 52 Q - a year of mini art journaling. I liked what I saw...

Some I'm having trouble deciding what I want to do.... How do you create an ATC on the movie Schindler's list.... well, I haven't done this one yet.

I definitly like the book ATC and the Hopes for 2009 ATC I did for this challenge. I don't like handwriting on these so I type them out - all except one... Here are two of my favorites that I've done... Enjoy the weekend.

Q 52 Last good book 14 ATC and

Hopes for 2009

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