Saturday, April 18, 2009

Paint Chips & ATCs

I've really enjoyed the Hero Arts blog and flickr group for over a year now... and we were challenged to use something other than just ol' paper just last week. Some of the gals in the flickr group are just amazing!!! All kinds of suggestions emerged... no - erupted! One of the suggestions was to use paint chips. Since I had to go to the hardware store anyway, I also dropped by the paint display area.... so many wonderful colors to choose from.

I never thought of "erasing" the printed colors on those little rascals... no... I cut them off... which was ok... here's the card I finished... not too shabby, but do I have a great site to direct you to .... after this demonstration of a simple paint chip card... ta da!

Flowers & butterflies on paint chips Apl 2009

I was checking for different swaps on swap-bot, then checking some of the profiles, then some of the swaps they were in and found one that is too late to enter (waaaa!!), but which had a great link to Go Make Something on... what?... paint chips. Cutting on the diagonal, creating unusual cards, tags, ATCs are just some of the amazing ideas for paint chips - so you have got to check it out if you're a paper crafter. Go Make Something also has some great information on the most efficient way to get the most ATCs out of a regular 8 1/2" X 11" piece of paper too.

The back of your cards should contain your name, any contact information you wish to provide, e.g. Title of the ATC, Date the ATC was made, your name/email address or whatever method you might wish for the person to have to contact you later , and the number or series of the card. Some artists start numbering their cards with number 1, and just keep going. Others will do series numbering, such as 1 of 7 or 1/7. How you number is totally up to you. I haven't been numbering mine except when I made a series of tree sets of a particular style/method of crafting, then 1of 3, etc. I'm kind of wishing I had started off numbering them right away.

Oh well... do I start now by counting my flickr group... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... we'll see.

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