Sunday, April 5, 2009

Just found a wonderful link for a bonbon box

On the Hero Arts Flickr group, Monika Reeck posted a link for a bonbon box and it's so simple and easy to make. The original blog is Mandys Kreativwelt, where you can find the wonderful bonbon box Mandy created.

I will try to translate the German into English here. Of course, I'm mostly using babblefish to do so. When I insert my comments I'll use a different color for the comment.

One needs paper in the masses 27.5 cms (10.8 in) x 21 cms (8.3 in) (you can take of course also greater or smaller) one folds all 5.5 cms (2.2 in) on a fold line.

Then one folds the paper like a harmonika (accordion). On the not so nice side (back), one draws 4 triangles in .... There are pictures that you can follow, step by step. You really don't need the translation.

Then one cuts out the triangles. Now paper is ready to stamp or paste something on. Glue the entire length of one side, no matter whether on the left or on the right and stick it together, thus you have a tube.

Then you notice the side parts snap automatically together. Loop tape around and it's ready. Of course you could use two-sided tape on the inside of the ends to give it a nicer finish. You can tie ribbon, yarn, string, whatever you fancy around the ends to finish it off.

Great little tutorial, easily followed from the photos. How nice it would be to give someone a homemade treat in this box. Have a great day!

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