Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zodiac ATCs

This was a new experience for me - not really stamping, per se.

I belong to a Flickr group, ATC Beginners and after several wonderful trades with people across the globe, decided to join the swap group. I liked trading in a one-on-one situation as I was able to select something I liked or loved and hopefully, so did the other person. I have not been disappointed in a single swap. I don't know how many I've traded, but it's now over 10. I just don't have the time to make them as I usually concentrate on cards and rubber stamping those same cards.

The theme for this swap was "Zodiac" and I was without a single zodiac thought to my mind. Before raising my hand in class... I wanted to be sure I could produce for a partner at least SOMETHING. So, I guess I did this backwards - made the two cards and then raised my hand. Although when you usually raise your hand, it's because you have the answer... moving on... I used Wikipedia to find out what all the signs of the zodiac were. Seek and ye shall find... right... found the background I wanted on Wikipedia, printed that as well as the titles and signs of the zodiac, and then went into my stach of pre-inked/pre-colored cut-outs and found fish... ok.. one down and oh, what do I have that could in any way, shape, or form have anything to do with the zodiac. I found a piece of a stamped image and decided she looked like she would be the lady with the scales - Libra. I had a lot of fun creating these.

I find that I really liked these little momentos of the zodiac.

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