Sunday, June 1, 2008

Raised or emblossed backgrounds

Raised or embossed backgrounds give a card texture. I've seen the Cuttlebug machine, but not purchased it. I love the effects from seeing cards posted on the Hero Arts blog for the weekly challenges. Due to the discussion groups "How did you do that", I learned that a rolling pin and one of the Cuttlebug folders could be used to good effect. Click here for step-by-step instructions:

It's nice to see how it's done, not just the items needed or instructions. However, I am posting instructions here. You will need:

Rolling Pin Spray Bottle Embossing Folder Tape Paper

Spritz your paper. This makes the paper more plyable, the paper will take the embossing easier.

Tape the Folder closed. Otherwise while you are trying to use the rolling pin the Folder will keep opening up and the paper will move.

Start rolling. If you use the edges of the rolling pin you will get deeper embossing marks. It will be trial and error getting use to how much pressure to use.

For a mister, I personally recomment the Mini Mister by Ranger. It has a fine mist that is perfect for rubber stamping.

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