Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Asian Card - cranes/storks?

I'm trying something different. I have been writing on my blog and then grabbing the image to be inserted from there. I have been reading the FAQs on Flickr and found that "Blog This" will lead me to post directly from Flickr to my Blog - well, that's what I'm trying right now. Hopefully this turns out the way I want. The one issue I had when I would link to Flickr was that the area where the image was supposed to be was blank until someone clicked on the image and then it took the person to Flickr. Then when they wanted to go back to my blog, they'd be thrown out of the blog completely. Well, I'm ready to try this. And I do love this stamp... is it a crane, an egret? I'll have to research this, won't I?

2001 Stampin' Up Asian stamp
HA clear "Sharing Laughter" flower and line of dots
Ordinary paper punch

I love this stamp - comes in a set of three. I like the others, but there is something about this particular stamp that draws me time and again to try different colors, use it in different ways. I usually stamp a bunch, color as I have time and put them aside. Then I may come across some paper as I'm making something else and go for these images. I cut a piece of the olive green paper at a diagonal to sit beside the birds.

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