Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Posting my CCC card to The Purple Place

I try to join the Card Chain Challenge every month.  After you make your cards, do you ever send them out?  Most of mine, I give away at Christmas.  It's the one thing I can do for my co-workers and they love the cards (they tell me they do, anyway).  Someone will say "I used that card with the flowers or lighthouse or the grumpy old man" during the year.  So, at least, I'll know they're getting used.   I had one friend who couldn't use hers for two years because they were too pretty to give away.

Now I can give away a card every month for someone special for the CCC at my friend, Deborah's blog at the Society of Stampaholics.

The Purple Place (Lisa) has received her card and I bet you thought you'd never get to see the card.  The REVEAL!

This Penny Black stamp is a beauty and I don't stamp her often enough.  Hope you like her.



Cindy C. said...

Wow it's gorgeous!!

Dawn T said...

Fabulous Arlene. So elegant in the gold.