Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Tissue Box Time

Be sure to maximize your resources.  For me, it's tissue boxes.  Several people now collect tissue boxes from their neighbors at work to give me.  I sometimes think I don't want to see another tissue box ever again, but I relent and this card is the result.  

've gone crazy this month.
Yes, I'm up to using TISSUE BOXES AGAIN 

I just used the die over and over again to see how it would look built up.
Side view of the card

Back card panel also sports the Eiffel Tower and 'm not sure who sent this to me.  
Thank you out there.


Dawn T said...

delightful Arlene. Great use of your tissue boxes

Cindy C. said...

Fantastic way to upcycle! Your card looks great!!

Greta said...

Wow, Arlene--this is incredible! Beautiful creation!