Friday, December 12, 2014

Notebooks or Journals, Use Them

I gave these away at the beginning of December  I was happy with the way the books turned out.  I really don't know what to call them because the two women I gave these to  may use them for different things.

SURPRISE:  The die-cut panels and letters are all cut from ordinary TISSUE BOXES!   Because people save me tissue boxes at work, I figure they would like to see what I do with them.  They are always surprised.  They now know that many of my tags are made from their tissue boxes, but this is the first time I've done notebooks for them.

SURPRISE:  I did NOT make the books.  I had been collecting notebooks a few at a time over the past several year and finally had enough to give away 16 books.  I have several other books to show you later this month.  Not always did the store I purchased these have enough to make 16 of any one kind.

I am really pleased with how these turned out and I hope you like the way these turned out.
  This really is such a lovely book.  I bought the two books at one of the dollar stores around town.

This is the front and back of Ginnie's book

This is the front of the book using a small tag embedded in the stitched frame.  The letters were embedded in the tag.  I love this technique now.  

I only had one panel of this marvelous flower arrangement or I would have made both tags the same.  I'm now very picky about the tissue boxes I buy - HOW WILL I USE THIS ONCE IT'S EMPTY???  LOL
Die-namics Stitched Stax (rectangles)
Hero Arts Long and Cute Tags  (DI046)

Books I made for the guys at work!

This one's for Ed - I loved the angles.

Don't you just love the modern architecture on this for Michael?

The gray and black blocking does it for me.  Richard is sure to use it.

For more of the gals in my office

I loved the colors in the round panel.

What a gorgeous panel - who would think tissue box?

I love how this book came together. 

I hope you liked these and just because you don't make the entire book doesn't mean you can't put your own unique style into your gifts.

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Dawn T said...

Delightfully thoughtful gifts Arlene.