Wednesday, September 24, 2014

DAY 3 Putting a Little Gray into your Life

Putting a Little Gray into your Life isn't a phrase you'd think would be fun, but, when coloring with Copic markers, it just might be!  I set my task to complete at least one thing from each video tonight.  I'm happy with the first 2 cups, but I just need to blend that last cup to the right a bit more on the bottom right.   Sandy put us to work right away with coffee mugs!

Here's where we saw the differences in shading with gray (gray used on the right side)  I need to practice my blending some more, but this wasn't too bad with some of the colors I was using.  Interesting to color what would be different items that would be 3 D in real life.

Kristina showed us we can use different shades of gray on the same image.  You just have to play around.

 Each of these ladies added a bit more information or a different way to do the same technique.  How to choose which gray you want to use and which colors to use  I loved listening to Laura.  

You can see I have to much color and should have waited for the cup to dry, but I am so impatient.  Kathy is always thinking out of the box and delights in coloring.

I am soooo off to bed.  Another long day tomorrow with lots of meetings to help train and a little refresher too.  Have fun coloring.


Rene Price aka gabbysews said...

Hi Arlene! Thanks for the sweet comment on my practice sheet!! I love yours too. I'm also that impatient one so I totally understand what you are saying. I keep telling myself not to strive for perfection right now but to just practice. Looking forward to today's class!!

Monika Reeck said...

great colors Arlene and nice touch of the grey...I will try it..thanks for sharing daar..hugs, Monika