Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I just had to name this card "WILD THANG" and tell you that there is no stamping at all, anywhere on this card.  ALSO, you know what a "oooh, I can use that in my card making" nut I am.

There are THREE (3) layers of die-cuts cut from tissue boxes that my friends at work have given to me.  I've had this tiger for about a year and suddenly all the panels just went together for me.  Of course I wasn't really working on this card.  I was just setting the sizes and colors on top of one another, enjoying the way they seemed to work together.  I was really working on the card for my daughter-in-law that I published over the weekend.  (The one with the nylon stockings from her package)

Top three layers are from tissue boxes.  

The top panel with the tiger is on pop-dots, but it's still hard to tell from the photo. 

I hope you liked the "WILD THANG" and get wild too. 

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Dawn T said...

fabulous Arlene. You're the master of recycling.....