Friday, May 24, 2013

A little bit of everything

There's a free digital stamp every Friday - the Friday Freebies!  I make sure I visit Bugaboo on Fridays.  Why don't you?

Calendars Anyone?
Make me a Calendar.  Just for Die Cut Divas, I needed a calendar so I would know when to schedule my posts.   I made one just for me.  These Bugaboo gals are great to color in to make my own special calendar.

I finished a can of Cashews and wondered what I could use it for, rather than just tossing it.away.
Empty can!  Cut quarter size hole in plastic lid.  Apply glue to can and wrap can with white paper.  Decorate as desired.  Check out the Die Cut Divas blog.                                                         

My bank is neither glued shut or otherwise securely attached.  I want to be able to RAID my BANK!  This is mostly for quarters so I can pay my meter for work.
Have fun making your homemade projects for fun, laughter, and because you CAN!

Remember to post your "Anything but a Card" here!

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