Sunday, July 5, 2009

Caardvark challenge

Doesn't the name Caardvark just make you want to do a doubletake? yessssss..... but you remember it! Wonderful challenges are to be had on the 5th and 20th of each month... so without further ado, today is the 5th, I stalked the site... yes, I admit it... I was there numerous times today... even in my pajamas... tsk tsk.

The challenge this week is based on a sketch. It was late and I followed the sketch pretty much the way it printed out without deviating because it was late... yes, late... ahhh, that felt good to tell everyone that I brainlessley followed a sketch... but it's a GOOD sketch. So here is my card.

I could have added circles popdotted instead of bows, I could have punched a border instead of running ribbon down the side, but... I didn't and I think it turned out good, not extraordinary, but I LIKE it... it'll be the perfect Birthday card for my granddaughter's mom in August and that's really all that matters. This photo is a couple years old, but her mom will be delighted.

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