Saturday, June 27, 2009

10 Honest things about me.

Ten honest things about me....

Got this from Sanne, one of my online friends through Hero Arts. When you receive this "honest Scrap", you are to write 10 things about yourself! So here are 10 things about me.
1. I had 3 boys who are now 41, 39, and 37.
2. My 3 sons were born in different cities, Landstuhl, German, Pasadena, Texas, USA, and La Mesa, California, USA.
3. I read one book a week.
4. I have a guinea pig named Sundae.
5. I once made and sold ceramic vases wholesale to flower shops in my area.
6. I make jewelry from time to time.
7. I love to watch comedies, action, and science fiction movies.
8. I could lose myself crafting for hours.
9. I don't like to cook anymore
10, Last but not least, my granddaughter and I spent most of the day with online friend Nancy Demond... we went to The Stamp Art Shoppe, Michaels, Joanns, and Green Tangerines, plus had lunch at Mimi's Cafe.
I'm sending this to Nancy Demond, Deborah Nolan, and Paula Laird.

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