Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Another give-away at Chrysti's

You will adore this item - it's a beautiful pewter chair - if you haven't been there, go straight to jail.... by way of "Art by Chrysti". There were 28 comments the last time I visited. You will so enjoy her story behind this particular give-away! Well, I did....

Here’s the rules today:
Tell me how you would artify or alter one these pretty chairs, or otherwise make use of it (I just know some of you are re-gifters!) and if you are a drawing a blank there merely make me feel a smidge saner, and tell me what gives you that silly, not very sensical ‘Oh the Horror!’ feeling. Much like the relationship styrofoam and I have.
Do this by: Monday, December 15th
For every 15 entries/comments we get on this one, I’ll give away a chair. Not shabby eh? Up to 10 of them total. Excited? Spread the word!

I hope that helps in visiting her site. It's great to visit and perhaps win a gift for yourself or a friend you have in mind.

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