Sunday, July 6, 2008

Buzzing different sites

I've added "The Paper Garden" to my blog. It's a wonderful local store in the Sacramento, CA area in the Town & Country Village shopping center, right on Fulton Avenue, though the address is 2601 El Paseo Lane, Sacramento, CA. So, if you're in the Sacramento area, don't forget to buzz on by!

Stephanie and hubby, Ken, are very enthusiastic people who will help with ideas, finding "the" stamp, as well as testing punches for sizes... yes that's what I was doing yesterday - looking for a one inch square punch for inchies. I don't think I'm going to be an inchie trader, but I see ways to accent cards with the one inch size punch.

I've added Stephanie's blog also. She has wonderful ideas and is a very positive person - who wouldn't be if they're a stamper? Right? Right!

I was, of course, checking the wonderful submissions in the Hero Arts group on Flickr and came across a link on becs attwood's submission for a great tutorial on making a Pull-out Scrapbook, wonderful for wedding and baby showers. On g_taly's submission, she had yet another tutorial on making a pull-it pop-up card.

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