Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Salted Card - Wet into Wet Technique

Sometimes you need a sympathy card.  The pink watercolor paper behind the notecard was painted with watercolor paint and sprinkled with Salt.  This is another watercolor technique I picked up this month at my watercolor class.  Totally FUN!

I brushed the watercolor paper with clean water, then picked up color with a very wet paintbrush.  I washed the color over the paper, keeping it fairly wet.  I had a choice of Epson salt or Kosher salt.  Kosher salt will make smaller dots on the surface of the paper. I hope you can see the dots in the paper that look like they might have been made with some kind of embossing folder.

The salt sits on the wet watercolor until the paper is dry.  You can just flick the crystals of salt off and voila!  Instant COOL background.  I glued the watercolor paper to the die-cut front of the card and then overlapped the front with a die-cut flower.

Closeup of the Epson Salted background

I am sorry I had to use it so soon after making this.  But it did turn out wonderfully.


Dawn T said...

This is a great technique Arlene. Beautifully done card.

Cindy C. said...

So beautifully done!!