Monday, September 22, 2014

Online Copics Class Day ONE

I love how the class really just begins with a beginning basic course so you can just practice.

Don't worry about staying in the lines, practice.  I made some booboos with my last two balloon groups.  I think I am getting tired, but I put the shadow where the light should show on the first balloons.  But I didn't give up on shading.  I found some colors I would never have put together, but found they were fine.

The boxes are demonstrations of what only two colors blended together can do.  I wanted the 2nd box to be sharper and it definitely is. I think something between the two boxes in darkness of color would be best.  But it sure was fun coloring!

I am so happy I could actually participate in coloring Day ONE on Day ONE.  Watching the videos several times really helps.  I think this class would be great for anyone.  You can still register at  I can't wait for day rwo.


Sandy Allnock said...

So glad you're relaxing and just playing...that's what this week is all about. Just getting some new techniques to try out! :)

Happy coloring!

Dawn T said...

I don't get to see the classes till its nearly time for the next one... but I've had time to watch the videos but not practise. I'll just have to take my pens with me this weekend and catch up.

Monika Reeck said...

you are so busy to training...I have so less copic..must buy some more and will try it... hugs, Monika