Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Retirement for our Mailman 20 year Career

Our mailman is retiring with 20 years of service and I know he's delivered mail to my house (both of them) for at least 15 years.  He's a great guy and always friendly to everyone he meets.

He was telling me the other day that he's seen children grow up and move back to the area.  It looks like he's really going to miss seeing all the people he's seen for years.  I know we'll miss him too.

Here's the card I made for him.  I had the neighborhood sign the card and we' gave him a gift card for all his years of service to our community.  On his last day, he called in through the window to say thank you for the card I gave him the day before and he said it was a sad day for him that morning.when he got to work.   He said it was hard knowing this was his last day, but he was sure it would get better.  He had tears in his eyes. 

I had gone to the post office to mail a card and you won't believe how much card making impinged upon my visit.  I was in  the Federal post office and all of a sudden, the Elizabeth Craft Designs Fourth of July dies flashed before my eyes and I KNEW I would use them for this card.  The mail box is from my Silhouette.


Dawn T said...

How thoughtful Arlene. A great card

Angelnorth said...

Lovely lighthouse scene and the lavender looks great for the sky!