Sunday, May 31, 2015

An Apple a Day!

I couldn't resist these apples.  They were fairly easy to cut, outline with black marker, and then pop a glue dot on the apples, twigs and leaf.  I love the ability to size your images.  You can color yourself, but sometimes, like now, I didn't feel like coloring.  I did take a Copic marker (G40 to the edge of the Spell binders oval panel.  I have really enjoyed playing with the images of Doodle Pantry. 

Close-up.  I love the detail in the leaf.
Doodle Pantry Apples
 Decor dots - embellishments

Hope you enjoyed the Doodle Pantry images I was lucky enough to use.  I hope you check out the other Die Cut Divas' work at Die Cut Divas.



Dawn T said...

beautifully done Arlene

Cindy C. said...

Nicely done! The apples do look yummy!!