Monday, October 27, 2014

Tobey Only had One Balloon, Be Creative!

Tobey was happy with one heart balloon, but I copied just the heart by cropping it in Word and added it to both cards below.  You can see where I drew a line across the front of the one balloon and made the string going down to Tobey a bit wider to hold two balloons.  Be sure to visit Die Cut Divas for your does of autumn or spring.

This little guy is Tobey Heart Balloon 
I added two hearts for this smiley guy.

I was first thinking of popping the 2nd balloon on top of the first, but I liked seeing two heart balloons flying in the sky and going off the center circle.

I cropped the balloons out of the image, printed and then added a kite out of the same paper as the hello and oval matte.  I made this a shabby chic kind of card, distressing the edges.  I notched a slice where the line for the balloon came out of the boy's hand and threaded twine through to the backside and taped the twine down in back, then added that wonderful Tombow Multi Mono Liquid Glue along the string line on the oval panel to the kite.  I like the larger image to color.  He's a boy racing through the wind.

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Dawn T said...

fabulous cards Arlene.