Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dreamweaver Kick-Off!

If you came here from Die Cut Divas', you know our February sponsor is Dreamweaver Stencils!  I've fallen in love with the Dreamweaver pastes.  I feel I've become adequate.

I needed a Wedding card and found in my nest of goodies sent by Dreamweaver Stencils this marvelous "Your Wedding" stencil.  I haven't needed a Wedding card in 5 years.  Perfect!   The background almost looks like hearts, but it's a triangle weave done with PanPastels (Permanent Red and  Hansa Yellow) lightly sponged over the weave stencil.  I thought a red color would stand out against the paler background and it does nicely.  Once my paste was dry, I put the "Your Wedding" stencil back on top and taped it down so it wouldn't move (USE REMOVABLE TAPE) and brushed Permanent Red PanPastel on top of the dry paste.  You can brush on inks, use Copic markers.  I am sending this off to a dear friend.

Close-up of the paste which I colored.

If you are using EMBOSSING PASTE.
1. Use removable tape to tape the stencil to the surface you will be embossing.
2. When spreading the paste across the taped stencil, start where you put down the first tape strip
3. You will be removing the tape in reverse order EXCEPT
4. Do NOT remove the tape yet, but
5. LIFT the stencil up (holding down the paper) as though it were on a hinge.  Your tape is the hinge
6. Now you can remove the stencil and tape
7. WASH the stencil  in soap and water immediately.  Wash on a flat surface so you don't bend the stencil
8. WASH the spreader at the same time.

See Stencils with Style to check out their stencils and embossing pastes.  Lots of tips and how to instructions..


Cindy C. said...

It's beautiful Arlene!!

Dawn T said...

Just fabulous Arlene. The colours as stunning. So happy you got us into using Dreamweaver stencils. Just love them. Just got their translucent paste as well