Friday, November 29, 2013

Apple Hill

Doesn't the name, Apple Hill sound like a perfect spot to go on an autumn day?  It WAS!   This post has lots of pictures - Photo warning!

I love to run up to Apple Hill and pick up my apple pies for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Frozen and the MOST delicious pies!

Take a journey up to the foothills of the Sierra Mountains where you can visit 55 ranches with their own wonderful fruits, vegetables, vendors, Christmas trees and wineries.

This time I went to Hill Top Ranch so I could take some cool pictures of what they have at their ranch.  This view is one where you come down from the Pie House and look across the fish pond and yes, there are fish in there.

Fish pond on the right of the trees

Apple Barn to left of picnic tables and road

Pie House at the top of the hill serves meals and great apple pies with a live fire inside 

I took a picture of someone taking the chill off by the stove

Cider making barn up the road from the Pie House - free cider in that yellow barrel - yummmmmm!

Through the glass as workers move about

Worker getting ready to press apples 

Vendors outdoors with their crafts

 Someone's private residence as you come up the road

I saw this antique tractor and loved it, plus this bright tent made a fun photo

It was a bright crisp day last Saturday and it was fun to enjoy the morning.  Hope you like the photos.

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Dawn T said...

this looks like a very fun day out Arlene. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.