Friday, June 13, 2008

Oh Happy Day! Thursday 6/12/08

Just imagine! With so many artists, whose work I love, I was able to place in the contest with my Gift submission. I chose a color of cardstock that went with the silver - light blues and purples seemed to fit the bill. I thought words and small flowers fit, so there was something to read that was fun and uplifting as you turned the can. Then I was stymied, I knew I wanted to do something on the top, but what? As I was meandering the aisles of a local Walmart, I saw the package of blue flowers/brads/button and knew they were mine. With the letters from a set of Miss Elizabeth's min board book paper craft kit and some sheer lavender ribbon, I was on my way. I was thrilled with the finished can. Sometimes there are those moments when it all comes together. Visit Hero Arts blog, to see all the winners - it has to be difficult to choose even your top ten. Congratulations to all.

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