Saturday, July 23, 2011

Refilling Your Copics - Easy Peasy Way

Sharing a tip from "Techniques & Projects with Sketchmarkers" DVD.  I purchased this from Oozak for less than $8.00 on sale.  It's short and basic, but as they say, if you only got one GOOD thing out of it, it's worth it.  This really is a basics, but very well done and I learned a lot.  I've been learning piece-meal.  So, on with the tip on refilling your Copic markers.  Sketch markers have a refill for all of their colors, so match up your refill with your marker.
1.Open the refill bottle
2. Hold the marker with chisel end up
3. Hold the refill bottle in the other hand
4. Tip the refill bottle over the chisel end of the marker
5. Be sure the refill bottle is close enough to be able to drip the ink from the bottle onto the marker nib
6. Drip about 30 drops onto the nib (I've seen that you can drop up to 2 lines on the refill bottle)
7. Be careful and you won't have any cleanup afterward.
8. If you dripped some ink onto the marker, just clean with simple rubbing alcohol

Isn't this easy?  You don't have to buy anything else or clean out anything after each use.  Easy Peasy!

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faithnme said...

I was looking for your "email" Arlene.. but could not find it. Thank you soo much for ur wonderful comments.. I am soo pleased that my fellow crafters are enjoying my work. I was and am still get a little "nervous" when I am posting. So Again Thanks