Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Did I know I had a spam filter??? NO!

I don't wade through comments to approve them and believed that all comments were being posted... not true - I had over 500 comments in my spam filter. This spam filter was all unknown to me until I clicked on blog buzz. I usually don't take the time to look at a lot of stuff and thought "wonder what this is" and discovered to my horror that I might have comments listed as spam that are not... well, I did. I found two that indeed are probably spam, out of over 500 comments.

When you are in your "DASHBOARD" there will be tabs that labeled NEW POST, Edit Posts, Comments... etc. Click on Comments and there is your spam... if you've never been there before, you may have more than you ever imagined. I've inserted the information at the top of my outrageously long list. You can click on individual comments or the "All" and tag them as SPAM or REMOVE CONTENT from the spam list. There's a check asking you if you want to remove or label it spam. Please check your spam filter if you allow comments without approving them.

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