Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've started this first sentence five times already and then after checking flickr and Debborah's blog, then Fika's photos... soooo I'm going to finish this......

The card to the left is for my middle son, Robert... yes, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to him! We're going to Claim Jumper for lunch to celebrate his birthday. I thought this would make a nice male card, with a nice colorful background and thought the birdies could sing a song of "Happy Birthday"... hehehe

This image is from the Digital Design Kit "The Art of Style" and I love this kit. There are so many images from this kit that I just absolutely love. I only used the top half of the Skyland image here. I know you can download portions of this from the mini kits on Two Peas, but I am really so pleased that I have this one and it's on DVD so I can take it with me to another computer if I don't have internet access. I just checked Hero Arts website and I don't see that they have this anymore :(

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