Monday, October 6, 2008

I've been tagged.....

I was tagged by none other than Deborah M. Nolan at Society of Stamp & Scrap-aholics who is creating a stamping center in her attic. You will have to see the changes and she is such a creative writer also. So, from what I understand, I have to list 6, yes only 6, random things about myself, then list the rules and then comes the fun part, tag 6 others. And you thought this was going to be lengthy.

1. I enjoy my job; I'm good at it; I admire my boss and other team members I work with. I don't always see eye to eye, but you can't have everything. We've worked together so long that we do create win-win situations and the final product is better. No, this is not a manufacturing plant, but one of the state departments in California.

2. I sang solo for a wedding in a church with organ and choir backup in the loft when I was in 7th or 8th grade. I had no idea the rehearsals were for a wedding... (stunned to say the least).

3. I've done tons of crafts throughout the years. I made ceramics from pouring the molds to the final displays in local florists' locations. I took some classes in photography (very beginner local classes) and shot some decent pictures. I started rubber stamping and had tons of parties with a great "Dots" rep who moved away and Stamping Up. I went to bead work, and now I'm back to rubber stamping which has never grown old to me.

4. We had a duck as a pet. He was a beauty. The dog and duck got along well.

5. I don't watch TV. I haven't actually turned the TV on to watch a channel in years. We have watched several series like "Friends" when we order movies from the library - yes, the regular library - the one with books. :)

6. I've lived in the same house for about 35 years.

I think those are pretty random things.

Now, to list the "Rules":

link to the person who tagged you
list 6 random things about yourself
tag 6 new people
let each tagged person know they've been tagged by posting a comment on their blog
link to the 6 people you've tagged
and let the person who tagged you know that you posted

I'm tagging these 6 people, in no particular order:

Lysa at Lysa's Crafty Creations
Jan at Far North
Louise at My Discoveries
Kristine at Just a Thought
Beverly at Little Shop of Crafts
Laura at Laura's Stamp Art Journal

Have fun visiting these blogs. I had fun just now, going through their posts and just plain relaxing visiting the blogs.

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